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Conversation Station

10:30 London LaddLending Hands
11:00 Sarah AlbeeMake it Snappy! Adding Zing to Nonfiction
11:30 Paul AcamporaWhere do Stories Come From?
12:00 Julie BerryResearching a Medieval Novel: How to Travel to France and Lose a Year of Work
12:30 Chris PallaceLet's Draw an Exquisite Corpse!
1:00 Jim AverbeckBe persuasive!
1:30 Judy BradburyScaffolding at the Core: The How, What, and Why of Reading Aloud to Your Students Every Day
2:00 Susan Williams BeckhornThe Wolf's Boy: A Story 10,000 Years in the Making
2:30 Frank CammusoDrawing Comics the Frank Cammuso Way!
3:00 Rosemary O'KeefeFrederick and Anna Douglas' Friends and Contemporaries in Mount Hope Cemetery

Presentation Place

10:15 Erin DionneMaking Mysteries!
10:15Erin Dionne
10:45 Laurie CalkhovenWomen Who Changed the World
11:15 Jane YolenThe Family Business-with Heidi Stemple
11:45 James PrellerAdventure in the Elsewhere: Writing as Discovery
12:15 Matt PhelanSnow White: A Graphic Novel "Something Old, Something New"
12:45 Stephen SwinburneBehind the Secrets of a Children's Book Author
1:15 Peter CatalanottoSketching a Character
1:45 James HoweFrom Bunnicula to Big Bob, Little Bob
2:15 Joseph BruchacTalking Leaves: The History Behind the Story
2:45 Bruce CovilleFantasy, with notes
3:15 Roxane OrgillJazz Day: How a photograph inspired nonfiction poems

Read-to-Me Corner

10:20Hélène and ELMO from WXXIStories with ELMO
10:40 Sally ValentineThere are no buffalo in Buffalo
11:00 Mark Shulman
11:20 Jeff MackPlaytime, Hippo and Rabbit, and more!
11:40 Nikki GrimesGarvey's Choice
12:00 Ammi-Joan PaquetteGhost in the House
12:20 Kevin KurtzSharks and Dolphins
12:40 Linda Sue ParkYaks Yak
1:00 Will HubbellPumpkin Jack
1:20 Amy Ludwig VanDerwaterEvery Day Birds
1:40 Robin PulverMe First: Prefixes Lead the Way
2:00 Mylisa LarsenHow to put your parents to bed
2:20 Michelle KnudsenMarilyn's Monster

Books Change Readers, Readers Change the World


November 12th, 2016

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